Wednesday 02/18/2015
Check it out... here's a time-lapse video of the construction of our workshops wall. :-)

Monday 02/16/2015
We've just completed our climbing wall at our shop... so that you can be sure that every single hold we make has been thoroughly tested and approved.

Friday 01/30/2015
Does your gym set routes by hold color? We are currently putting together color swatch packs that matches the most common U.S. colors. Let us know if you'd like one.

Monday 01/19/2015
The CenterHolds are back! Yeah move your eyes one column over the right and read that!

Monday 01/12/2015
The DRCC is happy to announce.. were growing! Nick Zembrzuski, a dedicated climber and a true climbing hold connoisseur, has joined the team here. Just a few days in and hes already cranking out pieces that meet our world class quality standards.

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Holds of the Month

This dual texture hueco hold is great for adding unique moves to your routes. It's the essence of an inset hold but without having to cut a hole in your climbing wall.

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